AJPE-21 (3-PC) - Asim Jofa
AJPE-21 (3-PC) - Asim Jofa
AJPE-21 (3-PC) - Asim Jofa
AJPE-21 (3-PC) - Asim Jofa
AJPE-21 (3-PC) - Asim Jofa
AJPE-21 (3-PC) - Asim Jofa

AJPE-21 (3-PC) - Asim Jofa

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Shirt: Cambric
Trouser: Cambric
Dupatta: Yarn Dyed
Color: Tangerine


This three-piece number from Asim Jofa's Essentials collection is a celebration of sunny optimism and bold femininity. The cambric shirt's sleeves are embroidered with whimsical designs, and the embroidery on the body gives depth and texture to the tangerine color. The back is kept minimal with plain dyed cambric, allowing the embroidered front to shine. The dyed cambric pants are a great match for the colorful top. A chic and classy final touch is provided with a yarn-dyed dupatta. This set's vibrant hues and ornate pattern will have you feeling as though you've been wrapped in the warmth of a summer sunset. This citrus ensemble by Asim Jofa will make you stand out in a crowd.


  • 0.8 meter (wider width) embroidered on cambric
  • 0.6 meter (wider width) embroidered sleeves on cambric
  • 0.8 meter (wider width) plain dyed cambric for back.
  • 1.25 meter (wider width) dyed cambric for trouser
  • 2.5 meter yarn dyed dupatta